:: XX :: 2017 :: Total Score 57 :: 

Frankly, I thought the claymation - which began the movie, and played between each short film - was one of the strongest parts of the entire film. It was eerie, and weird, and sad. Here’s what I thought of the others:

:: The Box :: Jovanka Vuckovic ::
:: Mini-Score :: 51 :: 

This short has the soul of a classic horror wrapped in a new package. Not the best package, but it’s pretty darn creepy! I won’t mention anything ABOUT the plot - that might ruin some of the fun. The film unfortunately focuses on some fairly weak acting by two adults, coupled with some decent acting by two kids. It has kind of a “Ring” feeling to it, but it had a hard time keeping my interest. Something about it was too cheesy, or homemade feeling. But it doesn’t have to be that strong. It's only about half an hour long!

:: The Birthday Party :: Annie Clark ::
:: Mini-Score :: 61 :: 

Melanie Lynskey and Sheila Vand! What sights for sore eyes. I already like this short much better than the last. The atmosphere is much better. It’s pretty weird. Very…stylish? Modern? A little obscene. It’s kind of awesome. Again, much better if I don’t say anything about it before you see it. Nothing that’ll knock yr socks off, but good nonetheless. 

:: Don’t Fall :: Roxanne Benjamin ::
:: Mini-Score :: 66 :: 

I’m a real sucker for monster-of-the-week style movies. You know that phrase? It describes episodes of shows, like The X-Files, which don’t really contribute to the overall plot, but feature some monster that is usually never seen again. This is a baller monster, too, some sort of alien/demon hybrid. The acting is alright, the story is silly, the monster is creepy. And I love it. 

:: Her Only Living Son :: Karyn Kusama ::
:: Mini-Score :: 50 :: 

This was my least favorite of the 4 shorts. I feel like a lot of horror movies get atmosphere wrong - why’s everything always so dark? Who sits around their house in the dark all day? What offices are operated in gloomy lighting? I find stuff like that really distracting. It wasn’t bad, but didn't really win me over.