WNUF Halloween Special

WNUF Halloween Special.jpg

:: WNUF Halloween Special :: 2013 ::
:: Chris LaMartina ::

Acting: 5
Anxiety: 3
Atmosphere: 9
Movie Watched: 10
Appropriate Grossness: 7
Production: 8
Recommended: 7
Scares: 2
Story: 8
Unpredictable: 6

Total: 65

Woah, I LOVED this movie. That doesn’t mean it was amazing, but I loved it. It brought me back to what it was like to watch TV as a kid. Basically, the story is told like a news broadcast. The movie features fake 80s TV commercials, reporter banter, on-the-spot reporting, ghost hunting, and much more! The ending was a little disappointing, but the movie is such a fun ride. It’s not really actually all that scary, but that’s ok. Sometimes the fun of a horror movie is in the atmosphere it introduces, not the actual scares it presents.