When Animals Dream

When Animals Dream.jpg

:: When Animals Dream :: 2014 :: 
:: Jonas Alexander Arnby ::

Acting: 8
Anxiety: 6
Atmosphere: 9
Movie Watched: 10
Appropriate Grossness: 8
Production: 9
Recommended: 10
Scares: 4
Story: 7
Unpredictable: 7

Total: 80

Wow, I liked this movie. It was in Danish, which was a bummer, but after about 10 minutes I wasn’t distracted by the process of reading subtitles. This movie was not very scary, more sad than anything else. The atmosphere is slow and quiet and beautiful; for some reason, Netflix called this a “Teen Scream,” which it absolutely is NOT. It’s about a young girl with an unfortunate family situation that the whole town knows about, and now she’s dealing with it, too.  This is a very absorbing movie, maybe a little too slow at times, but well worth the watch.