Vampires: Out for Blood

Vampires out for blood.jpg

:: Vampires: Out for Blood :: 2004 :: 
:: Richard Brandes ::

Acting: 5
Anxiety: 3
Atmosphere: 3
Movie Watched: 6
Appropriate Grossness: 6
Production: 4
Recommended: 2
Scares: 2
Story: 2
Unpredictable: 2

Total: 35

Cop who’s obsessed with his ex gets put on an undercover job where he meets vampires at a rave. They have maybe 20 people in a dark club, listlessly dancing to industrial bangers in one scene, 80’s power ballads in the next. The actors are the true absence of goth and vampire: weird looking Hollywood extras who resemble the living dead only in their soulless, lifeless eyes. Not bad enough to be fun, not good enough to be enjoyable. Nothing to see here, people, move along. 

Katie - “They’re trying to make it look like a Nine Inch Nails video.”

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