Thirteen Ghosts

Thirteen Ghosts.jpg

:: Thirteen Ghosts :: 2001 :: 
:: Steve Beck ::

Acting: 5
Anxiety: 4
Atmosphere: 5
Movie Watched: 10
Appropriate Grossness: 3
Production: 6
Recommended: 5
Scares: 5
Story: 4
Unpredictable: 4

Total: 51

I like Matthew Lilliard. I liked him a lot in SLC Punk, I fondly remember him as the real-life Scooby Doo, and he seems like a nice guy. I don’t think he’s a WONDERFUL actor, though, and his ridiculousness is really revved up in this movie. So anyway, long story short, Tony Shahloub (Monk!) inherits a mansion made of glass, filled with the ghosts of vengeful serial killers, from his uncle. They get loose, they wreak havoc, his family has to find a way to save themselves. Meh. At least the house is really beautiful, and made almost entirely of glass. But! The movie is just pretty cheesy. Doesn’t hold up terribly well to age. It’s a fun watch, though, if you’re not taking it seriously and (recommended) are doing something else while it’s on.