The Transfiguration

The Transfiguration.jpg

:: The Transfiguration :: 2017 ::
:: Michael O'Shea

Acting: 7
Anxiety: 6
Atmosphere: 8
Movie Watched: 10
Appropriate Grossness: 8
Production: 7
Recommended: 7
Scares: 3
Story: 7
Unpredictable: 7

Total: 70

I liked this movie, very much, and after reading a lot of the reviews, I don’t know if a lot of the viewers understood it - or perhaps, instead of giving myself too much credit, I interpreted it differently than most. The movie tells the story of a young boy living in a city, dealing with the harsh reality of having no parents, a mostly checked out older brother, bullies all around him and only one friend, the daughter of an angry drunk upstairs neighbor. The boy, Milo, is obsessed with vampires, and acts as though he is one because of a gruesome childhood drama in which his mother kills herself. I don’t really think Milo is a vampire: he has a notebook of rules he keeps for himself, and spend much of his time with his friend discussing his favorite vampire stories and how “real” they are - reality, here, defined by what he himself can and cannot do. This is a quiet slow-burn movie, a bit on the realm of Let the Right One In, but the bleakness of the inner city is a good match for the bleakness of the frosty woods.