The Sacrament

The Sacrament.jpg

:: The Sacrament :: 2013 ::
:: Ti West ::

Acting: 7
Anxiety: 4
Atmosphere: 6
Movie Watched: 10
Appropriate Grossness: 9
Production: 6
Recommended: 6
Scares: 2
Story: 5
Unpredictable: 5

Total: 60

Huh, interesting. The Sacrament is sort of a modern retelling of the Jonestown story. It’s eerie and weird, atmospheric and quiet. A photographer and two of his friends (who happen to be Vice reporters and documentarians) travel to an undisclosed location in (presumably) South America to find his sister, who, while attempting to kick a nasty drug habit, has relocated with a new religious, community-oriented group to a small town they’re building. Watching the movie naturally lead me down a rabbit hole of reading about Jonestown all over again and scaring myself with how terrible it was. As for the actual movie, it’s pretty good. It’s creepy in the right ways, well acted, and edited well - there wasn’t much fluff. That said, I didn’t love it. It left me feeling unfulfilled, and couldn’t always keep my attention. Recommended, but not heartily.