The Hallow

Hallow, The.jpg

:: The Hallow :: 2015 :: 
:: Corin Hardy ::

Acting: 7
Anxiety: 9
Atmosphere: 9
Movie Watched: 10
Appropriate Grossness: 4
Production: 7
Recommended: 7
Scares: 8
Story: 7
Unpredictable: 8

Total: 76

I was really excited to see this movie. When I heard of it, I wanted to see it. I looked all around, I had to find it playing. Then, yes - YES! - it was playing at the little independent movie theatre downtown, The Roxie, as part of them late night series. That’s cool, it starts at 11:30 on a Tuesday, I’ll totally go to that WAIT IT’S A WEEKDAY AND THE LAST TRAIN HOME IS AT MIDNIGHT NO. Ugh. Hate it. Whatever. My patience was justly rewarded. Instead, it showed up on Netflix the night our good friend Meg was coming over to stay. Meg, aside from Katie and I, is the only person who has come to every Scary Movie Club meeting we’ve held. So obviously she’d be here the weekend The Hallow comes to Netflix. Anyway. Here’s the story: Hubby and Wife move to the country with their baby. Townspeople freaked out because Hubby’s job is to go into the woods and mark trees to be cut down, which will anger the sprites and fairies of the forest. A+ for folklore, B for monsters. Totally recommended, lots of fun, weird cool effects, a little gross.