The Forest

Forest, The.jpg

:: The Forest :: 2016 :: 
:: Jason Zada ::

Acting: 6
Anxiety: 4
Atmosphere: 6
Movie Watched: 10
Appropriate Grossness: 8
Production: 5
Recommended: 5
Scares: 4
Story: 4
Unpredictable: 4

Total: 56

Alright, so this movie wasn’t so bad! I mean, that shouldn’t be the bar I’m setting for horror movies, but it isn’t. I was really expecting to to be horribly offensive and exploitive of another culture. I’m not that into movies that exploit places of great sadness. But I didn’t find this to be too bad. It was a little silly, and some of the makeup and hallucinatory monsters were a little…well, *rolls eyes*. But the woods are really eerie (note - NOT filmed in Japan), and the suicide forest is a place I find really fascinating. Like so many scary movies, though, so much is done in darkness. Which is spooky, but really ruins the beautiful and already creepy setting. I don’t have a lot to say about this movie, I guess. Fun to watch at night with a group and some beers and bowls of candy.