The Duplex


:: The Duplex :: 2015 ::
:: Ikechukwu Onyeka ::

Acting: 3
Anxiety: 4
Atmosphere: 3
Movie Watched: 6
Appropriate Grossness: 10
Production: 1
Recommended: 2
Scares: 3
Story: 3
Unpredictable: 3

Total: 38

Huh. This was kind of a clunker. The weirdest part of this movie was the…I don’t know, absolute reality of it? A guy buys a house that he doesn’t necessarily have money for, so he suggests to his partner that they sell her car: then she has a conversation about it with a friend, then he has a conversation about it with a friend, then they have another conversation, then he spends about 5 minutes signing papers with someone. There was a level of ludicrous detail to the whole thing. I feel like this could have been a neat 20 minutes horror short with a pretty decent cast, of international interest since I don’t know much of anything about Nigerian horror movies. But at just shy of 120 minutes long, this film lost me along the way with its bare-bones setting, tedious dialogue, and laughable ghost. I’m interested in seeing what Onyeka does next, but not interested in recommending this film to others.