The Abandoned

Abandoned, The.jpg

:: The Abandoned :: 2015 :: 
:: Eytan Rockaway ::

Acting: 5
Anxiety: 3
Atmosphere: 3
Movie Watched: 8
Appropriate Grossness: 4
Production: 4
Recommended: 3
Scares: 5
Story: 3
Unpredictable: 4

Total: 42

I tend to like IFC After Dark films. They’re pretty well done, and usually very interesting. They’re a little low budget, so you’re not going to get all of the bells and whistles, but that affords them the freedom to try things that might not be commercially big-budget numbers. Anyway. Young woman gets a security job in a huge, old abandoned apartment building, an incredibly beautiful one that was never finished. Only one coworker, and he’s a total dick - though, he is the best actor of the bunch. It’s her job to patrol the building and all that, and it’s opulent and creepy and she’s haunted by her own memories, and a cast of other pretty freaky characters. The guys dickishness is tiresome and unwarranted, and makes for the most boring parts of an otherwise effective and eerie beginning to the movie. It’s good, it’s creepy, there are the usual bad decisions, and then there are…deformed children? And more and more and more deformed children, doing naughty things. Wow. What a great way to ruin a decent setup. Then the movie just goes from bad to worse. It becomes to stupid that I almost wished I could have ended it at exactly 45:20, which would have made it a tidy little scary movie about monsters in the dark. Last complaint: the movie is set in an extraordinary beautiful, old apartment building, which is creepy in all of the right, The Shining-esque ways, but they chose to focus nearly the entire movie on a desolate, empty, concrete dormitory below the apartment building. What a serious waste of a wonderful setting. Recommend if you’re desperate and have watched everything else on Netflix.

P.S. I’m SO SICK of seeing mental institutions portrayed in horror movies. Can’t we move beyond that trope? It’s so fucking insensitive.