Night of the Demons

Night of the Demons.jpg

:: Night of the Demons :: 1988 :: 
:: Kevin Tenney ::

Acting: 6
Anxiety: 7
Atmosphere: 7
Movie Watched: 10
Appropriate Grossness: 6
Production: 5
Recommended: 10
Scares: 8
Story: 6
Unpredictable: 6

Total: 71

This movie is totally awesome. The soundtrack is amazing - Bauhaus, some song called “Computer Date” by the director’s brother. And the usual cast of friends who would NEVER be friends in real life: goth girl, anarcho-punk pig, Brooklyn tough guy, prep, dork, normie - everyone partying at once. It’s cheesy, it’s a little scary, it’s got super awkward sexual overtones,  there are a lot of laughs, a few jumps, it’s just bananas. AND SQUIRTING EYEBALL POPPING. This is up there with my favorite movies. And the best part is, it’s actually kind of scary! It’s pretty cheesy, and a little gross, and a ton of fun.