:: Gallowwalkers :: 2012 :: 
:: Andrew Goth ::

Acting: 2
Anxiety: 1
Atmosphere: 1
Movie Watched: 4
Appropriate Grossness: 8
Production: 1
Recommended: 1
Scares: 1
Story: 1
Unpredictable: 4

Total: 24

I’ve been avoiding watching this movie for YEARS. Well, you win, Gallowwalkers. I’m sick. I don’t have much to do. I’m going to give it a go. Here are some things about me: I generally like zombie movies. I generally dislike Westerns. This movie has it all. Terrible acting, poor dialogue, objectification of women, cheesy flashbacks. And Wesley Snipes? I don’t know what kind of lottery he lost, or favor he owed the director, but what the hell, man? The plot can most accurately be described as nonsensical. Somewhere between a Western and one of those weird future sci-fi flicks, where one, outdated civilization has returned to be the predominant culture. One of the worse movies I’ve tried to watch. 

P.S. What the fuck did they do with the $17 million budget? Sure didn’t use it for production.