:: Exists :: 2014 ::
Eduardo Sánchez ::

Acting: 4
Anxiety: 6
Atmosphere: 6
Movie Watched: 10
Appropriate Grossness: 10
Production: 6
Recommended: 6
Scares: 5
Story: 5
Unpredictable: 5

Total: 63

You just can’t go wrong filming a horror movie in the woods. The woods are dark at night, eerie and beautiful during the day, and one doesn’t have to blast out a huge budget to get that “woods” effect. You just go to the woods. This was a pretty exciting movie. I was happy to see the director didn’t waste MUCH time diving in to the Bigfootedness of the film. I haaaaaate drawn out storylines pre-action that really rely on the actors…well, acting. Anyway, some young’ns go to a cabin, meet Bigfoot, he’s pissed, action ensues. Not a bad watch.

P.S. Who else was having flashbacks to Evil Dead with the cabin?