:: Demons :: 1985 ::
:: Lamberto Bava ::

Acting: 5
Anxiety: 2
Atmosphere: 6
Movie Watched: 10
Appropriate Grossness: 6
Production: 6
Recommended: 5
Scares: 3
Story: 3
Unpredictable: 6

Total: 52

Wow, I thought I was going to like this more than I did. 80’s demon gorefests are a lot of fun! This was fun, too, but was also gross and just a liiiiiittle too long. There were some awesome scenes - and what an amazing ending! - but it lost me about an hour in. In a nutshell, some folks go to see a mysteriously advertised movie, a woman scratches herself on a display prop, turns into a demon, chaos ensues. Alas, there are only so many characters I can care about and so much disembowling I can see before my mind begins to wander. It’s bloody good fun, not for those who don’t like gore, but is still not as gross or stupid as modern-day torture flicks. The music is totally sick, featuring acts like Motley Crue, Billy Idol, and Scorpion. And the original compositions make for excellent 80s fare in a style that seemingly only Italians can match. Worth a watch if you’re feeling schlocky, but don’t expect it to knock yr socks off.

P.S. Bettina Ciampolini <3