Beyond the Walls

Beyond the Walls.jpg

:: Beyond the Walls :: 2016 ::
:: Hervé Hadmar, Marc Herpoux ::

Acting: 7
Anxiety: 5
Atmosphere: 8
Movie Watched: 10
Appropriate Grossness: 10
Production: 7
Recommended: 7
Scares: 4
Story: 8
Unpredictable: 8

Total: 74

What an interesting story. This 3 episode miniseries follows a young woman who becomes lost in something of an alternate universe located behind (or beyond, I guess) the walls of a house she inherits. Once there, she must navigate her way her way through it’s labyrinthine rooms, all the while being hunted by “The Others,” a group of lost souls who have all given in and accepted the house. The result is an eerie, sad, and quiet story told mostly in the dark. I had a few issues: the director took too long in entering the house, and the back story surrounding the young woman was not uninteresting, but also not very well put together. I wanted to be in the house more. But that’s not a terrible complaint, and the story is solid and beautifully done. Subtitles (the series is in French), but that only forced me to pay more attention. Solid recommend, watch at night.