A Midnight Swim

A Midnight Swim.jpg

:: A Midnight Swim :: 2014 ::
:: Sarah Adina Smith ::

Acting: 7
Anxiety: 3
Atmosphere: 7
Movie Watched: 10
Appropriate Grossness: 10
Production: 7
Recommended: 6
Scares: 2
Story: 7
Unpredictable: 7

Total: 66

So, I like this movie very much. It had a pace I enjoyed, I liked the actors, and the quietude, and the mystery. It really had me thinking: I’m a big reader of mythology, and I was happy to jump in and muck about in the story of the Pleiades after watching. You could really spend a lot of time with this movie. Small synopsis: three sisters meet at their mother’s house to deal with the will and all that after their mother’s death. The sisters have a hard time breaking their old patterns of communication, and the youngest seems to be losing herself bit by bit to a mystery that she believes surrounds her mother’s death. It’s a real slow burn, so you have to be in the mood for a slow, quiet film centered mostly around talking. Not really a horror movie, but definitely eerie. Total recommendation.