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Welcome to Scary Movie Club

Each movie has been assessed a score out of 100 points: 10 categories at 10 points each. Here are the criteria used to rate each movie:

Acting - The higher the number, the better the acting. 
Anxiety - Did I feel tense while watching this movie? I hope so. 
Atmosphere - Big one here. Setting + Mood + Soundtrack, all rolled into one.
% Movie Watched - I won’t watch a whole movie if it stinks.
Appropriate Grossness - Does the movie deserve the gore and violence? Or were those elements forced?
Production - How does the movie look? Is the CGI horrible? Are the sets goofy?
Recommended - Should you watch this movie? 
Unpredictable - I love when I don't know where a movie is going. 
Scares - Classic jumps, frights, and boogedie-boogedies. I like these, generally.
Story - Am I watching a story that’s been told a hundred times? I hope not.

How can you find movies on Scary Movie Club? Well, scroll down and:
1: Use the search bar!
2: Choose a popular tag!
3: Search by letter!

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Is there a movie you'd like me to review? Let me know, and I'll do my best to see it! Leave me yr email and I'll let you know when I do.